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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


IN SIDES (1996)
320 KBPS

In Sides isn't Orbital's best album, or their most accomplished, but it is the most definitive. It pulses with the energy of the debut, the lush flow of the second, and the conceptual theme of Snivilisation. The focus this time, though, is ecology. "The Girl With the Sun in Her Head" was recorded on a Greenpeace bus using only solar power, and "Dwr Budr" (Welsh for "dirty water") also criticizes the misuse of natural resources. Phil and Paul's respect for the jungle/drum'n'bass movement showed in the moderate breakbeat rhythms on several tracks.

1. The Girl With the Sun in Her Head
2. P.E.T.R.O.L.
3. The Box (Part One)
4. The Box (Part Two)
5. Dŵr Budr
6. Adnan's
7. Out There Somewhere? (Part One)
8. Out There Somewhere? (Part Two)
Bonus Tracks
The Box E.P.
1. The Box (Radio Edit)
2. The Box (Untitled Version 1)
3. The Box (Untitled Version 2)
4. The Box (Vocal Reprise)

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