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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


320 KBPS

The only thing wrong with this record is that it is too consistent, too catchy, too accomplished, too well done, too straightforward, too well produced, too upbeat, too hummable, too much of culmination of everything they've done before, too overlooked by the record buying public, too much of a sunny day with nothing to do but drink beer and look at the grass grow and the sun shine.
On "Very Emergency", The Promise Ring finally got it totally right. If this record was 10 minutes longer it would bore with it's perfection. Their last few records were consistent in that they had a few really great melodic and poppy, punkish songs with some, slower, tossaways. This one charges through and only fails in being so "finished" and so damn right.

1. Happiness Is All the Rage
2. Emergency! Emergency!
3. The Deep South
4. Happy Hour
5. Things Just Getting Good
6. Living Around
7. Jersey Shore
8. Skips a Beat (Over You)
9. Arms and Danger
10. All of My Everythings

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