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Friday, March 5, 2010



320 KBPS

On Back From the Living, Stevie Salas comes crashing out of the gate with the funky, high-octane rocker "Tell Your Story Walkin,'" which boasts his ability to work a groove with pure hard rock muscle and deadly guitar firepower. Other tracks like "Start Again" and "God I'm Going Down" further emphasize these strengths, although the album's momentum starts sagging early on, due mostly to unfortunate sequencing. Sonically, Back From the Living packs far more punch than Salas' debut, and the guitar sounds are more interesting and, even if the songs aren't as good as on the original Colorcode album, there's still plenty to enjoy on this entertainingly groovy (hard) rock album.

1. Tell Your Story Walkin'
2. Start Again
3. I Once Was There
4. Wonderin'
5. Crack Killed Applejack
6. Born to Mack
7. Lying Truth
8. Amelia
9. God I'm Going Down
10. Much Ado About Buttin' (Suckermangrubby Mouth Mix)
Bonus Tracks
(Japanese Edition)
11. I Need You
12. I Thing You Need to Think

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