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Friday, March 5, 2010


320 KBPS

Ninth album from the infamous fun punk british outfit the Toy Dolls. Strangely enough, their name appeared as Toy Dollz, with a Z, on the cover. What was it all about, I have no idea but maybe it's the very noticeable glam rock influence that lead the band to alter their name. Don't get me wrong, this is still classic Toy Dolls with Olga helium voice and neat guitar playing leading the music but the punk aspect is a little less present than on their previous albums.
From start to finish, Orcastrated is a very entertaining album filled with great melodies and insane lyrics. Whatsmore, a good cover version of the Small Faces' Lazy Sunday Afternoon, on of the Dolls best covers in my opinion, adds to the fun of the album.
I know many people think Orcastrated is a minor entry in the band's discography, I fully disagree with that and it actually is my favorite in their long and productive career. Just get it and... singalong!

1. Orcastrated
2. Poltergeist in the Pantry
3. Please Release Me/Darling I Loathe You
4. Taken for a Mug
5. Any Dream Will Do
6. Harry's Hands
7. David's Xr2
8. Pot Luck Percy
9. Ivy's Lurid Lips
10. Psychosurgery
11. Ron Dixon Dumped D-D
12. Lazy Sunday Afternoon
13. Bowling Barmy
14. Orcastrated

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toujours plaisants les bestiaux