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Friday, October 2, 2009


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Arnold Turboust's carreer has been plagued by his stylistic ressemblance to Etienne Daho. Actually, such closeness makes sense when knowing both men worked together and have similar tastes and not dissimilar voices. But, where Daho is a melancholic character, Turboust has a thing for the perfect pop song. Shame is, most people only remember his hit single Adelaïde when he has released a string of valuable albums displaying his neverending love of pop music.
On "Toute Sortie est Définitive", only his third album after "Let's Go à Goa" in 1988 and "Mes Amis et Moi" in 1994, he proves, once again, how talented and witty a songwriter he is. His lyrics are clever, his musics are little pop hooks that easily stays in your mind which, to me, makes him a perfect pop songwriter. If only people noticed...
Clearly, if pop music done as it's supposed to be, is your thing, you ought to yourself to try "Toute Sortie est Définitive", you will not be disappointed.

1. Quelques Notions De Géométrie Plus Tard
2. Hillary
3. French Letters
4. Varouna
5. La Pompadour
6. D'un Côté Comme De L'autre
7. L'espace D'un Instant
8. Avec Les Yeux, Avec La Bouche
9. D'août à Août
10. Platonique
11. Toute Sortie Est Définitive

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