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Friday, October 2, 2009


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Formerly a French teen punk hero with Lamballe Kalashnikov, Dominic Sonic has released 5 solo albums from 1989's "Cold Tears" to 2007's "Phalanstère #7". On this album, he worked with the French band Deportivo to release something that reminds of both The Gun Club and The Stooges while still being personal. If you're expecting something new from Dominic, look somewhere else. However, if you want quality rock'n'roll that has guts and balls, a littel pop and soul too to spice it up a bit, you're in for a sweet treat. There's not much more to say about this album, it's good and enjoyable and a must try for those who have a little leather on their heart. Be curious.

1. Down & Low
2. Fuel
3. Blush
4. Mother
5. J'ai dû rêver
6. Replace the sun
7. La plus belle de tous les hommes
8. She comes from
9. Always been wrong
10. La terre
11. Je suis comme un chat

1 comment:

Tom Tipunk said...

Hi ya!
A few words about Déportivo. Dominic was a backliner for this french band but Déportivo didn't work on Phalanstère #7. On this album, the bass guitarist is Patrick Sourimant (Bikini Machine), 2nd Guitarist id Franck Hamel (Bikini Machine), and the Drummer is Yves-André Lefeuvre (Dahlia, Complot Bronswick, Miossec (Baiser)). Dominic is working on a new album and is back on the roads with Vincent Sizorn playing Cold Tears like they did in 1986! Stay tuned on and
Take care.