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Monday, October 5, 2009


ROUGE (1993)
320 KBPS

Even though this album is credited to the trio, "Rouge" obviously remains a Jean-Jacques Goldman album... His best actually. Stylistically, "Rouge" roams away from Goldman usual chanson/pop style. Of course, there's the title track with the Red Army voices and the heavy guitars. For this song alone, this album is a must try. But there's more to make it enjoyable and interesting : On n'a pas Changé, Des Vôtres, Des Vies and Fermer les Yeux are personal favorites but the whole album, in all its diversity and depth is an interesting lot. Whatsmore, the voices of Carol Fredericks, Michael Jones and Jean-Jacques Goldman work together really well.
I'm not a fan of Jean-Jacques Goldman's work but, I tell you, this album is pretty good and deserves to be heard.

1. Serre-Moi
2. On N'A Pas Changé
3. Que Disent Les Chansons Du Monde?
4. Il Part
5. Juste Après
6. Rouge
7. Des Vôtres
8. Frères
9. Des Vies
10. Ne Lui Dis Pas
11. Elle Avait 17 Ans
12. Fermer Les Yeux

1 comment:

Ron said...

Merci. I've seen them performing on French variety shows, but never listened to one of their recordings. Very good.