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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


320 KBPS

This is a great way to become acquainted with the band TWELFTH NIGHT, who along with MARILLION and IQ really helped keep prog going in the eighties. This is really a panoramic look at their career, Andy Sears is vocalist on half the tracks and of course the amazing Geoff Mann does the vocals on the other five songs. The first two songs are from 1983 and "The Ceiling Speaks" is the better track by far, a very catchy uptempo tune with terrific keyboard passages and the wonderful vocals of Geoff. Great lyrics on the 1982 song "We Are Sane" that features a lot of time changes and i like the way the vocals change 2 minutes into the song. Some good guitar, synth melodies. Andy sings on the two 1984 songs "Art And Illusion" that is as catchy as hell, and "First New Day" a slower song with very meaningful lyrics. Songs 6-8 are from 1986 and Andy delivers emotional vocals on "Take a Look". "Last Song"is an upbeat song that features drums with light riffs and more good guitar. Another highlight for me is "Blondon Fair" with theatrical vocals courtesy of Andy, and some great riffs and spacey synths. The next two songs are from 1990. "The Collector" has Geoff on vocals for this 19 minute song. And the vocals are incredible, as is the guitar work after the 13 minute mark. "Love Song" may have the most meaningful and true lyrics ever written for a Twelfth Night song. Heart breakingly beautiful! Highly recommended album from TWELFTH NIGHT.

1. Ceiling Speaks
2. Deep in the Heartland
3. We Are Sane
4. Art and Illusion
5. First New Day
6. Take a Look
7. Last Song
8. Blondon Fair
9. Collector
10. Love Song

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