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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


320 KBPS

It’s like a full moon madness when one of your favourite bands has a new release on your favourite label. Asheville, NC power trio Ahleuchatistas‘ (pronounciation tip : the name comes from the Charlie Parker song “Ah-leu-cha”) fifth full length called Of the Body Prone is hands down the best mathcore/improv album this year to grace your speakers, and it might be the most balanced of their full buffet. Ahleuchatistas takes math rock’s erratic features to extreme levels while retaining melody and musicality, only to destroy it a few bars later and found something new. For the untrained ear it might be hard to follow, because of the hectic pace, but repeat listens put forth the complexity and compositional power. There’s a whole bunch of intellectualism on reviews, name dropping Gödel, Deleuze and Adorno, you might head to their myspace if you want to delve further into theory, but these two lines are enough talk about the music, say I.

1. 2/3 Consensus On The Un-Finite Possibilities
2. Owls
3. Those With Guns
4. Why Can't We Be In Jamaica?
5. Racing Towards The Hard Kernel
6. Eastside Uptight
7. Dancing With The Stars
8. Total Nightmare In A Deep Dive
9. Making The Most Of The Apocalypse
10. Map's Tattered Edges

1 comment:

Darkman said...

Good album!

Recommend to everyone :)

too bad i already have it.. or i'd d/l it :D