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Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Yodelice is a French pop/folk singer/songwriter who made his full-length debut in 2009 with the international hit album Tree of Life. Born Maxim Nucci on February 23, 1979, in Créteil, France, he began playing music at a young age and studied for a while in England. He began his professional music career around the turn of the century, when he established himself as a hitmaking producer and songwriter but that was another life for Maxime, one when he worked with TV idols who'd soon be forgotten.
"Tree of Life" is a whole other matter and we can be happy he changed about everything in going solo as his pop/folk debut is a delight from start to finish. The bittersweet music displayed here touches the heart and soul in a way Devandra Banhart or Charlie Winston never will. His sweet warm voice, guitar arpeggios and sense of songwriting brings us 10 terrific songs that could very well have been released in 1972 but work just as well in 2010. A nice catch for folk lovers and a must hear.

1. Insanity
2. Sunday With A Flu
3. Free
4. Alone
5. The Other Side
6. Cloud Nine
7. Emergency
8. Noise
9. Safe & Scarred
10. Shadow Boxing


Anonymous said...

tente de nombreuses fois, je n' avais pas ose en faire l' achat.
ben j' aurais pu
excellent album

.:Mir:. said...

Merci! ^^

raquel said...

thank you very much! it has been so difficult for me to get this album...