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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


320 KBPS

Norway's premier indierock/hardcore band met all expectations that people created after their now to be considered classic debut album “Calling in dead”. “The perfect drama” CD rocks harder than their previous work. Still walking the fine line of energy fueled indie/rock and raw punk assault JR EWING set the new standards in the European underground. “The perfect drama” takes a step in the direction towards The MURDER CITY DEVILS or AT THE DRIVE IN without sounding washed out. JR EWING are constantly touring with names such as PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, THE LOCUST, DAS OATH, TURBO NEGRO, THE MARS VOLTA. As different as all these bands are, JR EWING manages to cross over to all these crowds.

1. 1st Class Suicide
2. The Ludovico Technique
3. A Case Of Evacuation
4. Untitled
5. Delicate Checkout
6. Nickels For (Your) Pity
7. Lights On, Stereo

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