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Thursday, January 28, 2010



Seatrain was an American roots fusion band based initially in Marin County, California, and later in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Seatrain was formed after the breakup of the Blues Project in 1969. The group, which recorded four albums, disbanded in 1973.

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Produced by George Martin and recorded in England, Seatrain found all the parts with which to construct a great album of East Coast rock and country-soul. With Peter Rowan added to the group as guitarist and lead vocalist, Seatrain managed to even get a Top 40 hit with the tune "13 Questions." But the good music doesn't stop there; each track is worth listening to.

1. I'm Willin'
2. Song of Job
3. Broken Morning
4. Home to You
5. Out Where the Hills
6. Waiting for Elijah
7. 13 Questions
8. Oh My Love
9. Sally Goodin'
10. Creepin' Midnight
11. Orange Blossom Special

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More of the same, in this case, doesn't mean more hits. Marblehead Messenger, while better played and sung, didn't have the appeal that their previous effort seemed to. But it is much more of a band effort, and the tunes are well worth seeking out and enjoying. A forgotten jewel of its time.

1. Gramercy
2. The State Of Georgia's Mind
3. Protestant Preacher
4. Lonely's Not The Only Way To Go
5. How Sweet Thy Song
6. Marblehead Messenger
7. London Song
8. Mississippi Moon
9. Losing All The Years
10. Despair Tire

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