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Saturday, January 16, 2010


MURPHY'S LAW (1986) + BACK WITH A BONG! (1989)
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Riding the fine line between obnoxious skatepunk and sodden metal, Murphy's Law came out of New York City's mid-'80s hardcore scene and formed in Astoria, Queens, around vocalist Jimmy Gestapo, but the group's frequently shifting lineup also included guitarists Todd Youth, Alex Morris, and Jack Flanagan; bassists Pete Martinez, Chuck Valle, and Dean; and drummers Doug E. Beans and Eric Arce. The group's self-titled debut, released on Profile in 1986, contained the usual '80s subjects (boredom, alienation, weed, beer, etc.), but the songs were definitely there, and Murphy's Law improved even more with their second album, 1989's Back with a Bong!
This two-fer combines Murphy's Law's self-titled debut — probably their loudest, snottiest effort — with their 1989 follow-up, Back with a Bong! The latter isn't any heavier on political content — song titles like "Panty Raid," "Cavity Creeps" and "Attack of the Killer Beers" underscore the fact that wild, irreverent fun is the primarily goal of these Astoria residents.
1. Murphy's Law
2. California Pipeline
3. Sit Home and Rot
4. Fun
5. Beer
6. Wahoo Day
7. Crucial Bar-B-Q
8. Day in the Life
9. Care Bear
10. Ilsa
11. Skinhead Rebel
12. I Got a Right
13. Intro
14. Panty Raid
15. Yahoo!
16. Attack of the Killer Beers
17. Cavity Creeps
18. Ska Song
19. Quest for Herbs
20. American Rules
21. Rage
22. Wall of Death
23. Sceret Agent S.K.I.N.
24. Push Comes to Shove
25. Bong

320 KBPS

New York '80s hardcore goofballs Murphy's Law usher in the '90s with a reinvigorated blast of their debauchery-laced brand of comedic punk. Stylistically, Murphy's Law makes quite a jump on The Best of Times. The band did dabble in skacore long before it exploded, but was always pretty much a flat-out hardcore unit in the '80s. The Best of Times finds Jimmy Gestapo and friends combining funk, reggae, ska, and hardcore into their own distinct brew, shedding any dogmatic restrictions applied to their ilk in the '80s. Production by Fishbone's John "Norwood" Fisher and Philip "Fish" Fisher lends authenticity and diversity to The Best of Times, as does the added instrumentation by several members of Fishbone. The result is a more versatile version of Murphy's Law at the prime of the band's fun-focused glory. Covers of James Brown and Stevie Wonder provide some insight into Murphy's Law's sometimes controversial and misunderstood affiliation with the skinhead faction, finally putting to rest any allegations that racism or fascism have anything to do with the band's outlook. Although the group manages to shed this stereotype and expand musically on The Best of Times, the subject matter doesn't otherwise stray too far from earlier work. Songs about pot, beer, girls, and cars showcase the glorious immaturity and quest for fun that pretty much define Murphy's Law. When the band does get serious, which isn't very often, it's in the interest of unity and friendship. The title track is basically a fan tribute, thanking a small but loyal group of followers for the support that's enabled Murphy's Law to continue the party. The ska-tinged but heavy "1%" revels in the outcast-minded punk rock ethos, giving nod to those who embrace the good and bad of surfing the fringe of culture and society. Classic Murphy's Law rage surfaces on "Harder Than Who," an attack on the mindless aggression and competition that sometimes rule the hardcore scene. On the whole, The Best of Times lives up to its title, with Murphy's Law celebrating its dedication to the band's fans, friends, and music, while maintaining the edge that gave the group its NYC hardcore credibility.

1. Intro
2. The Best of Times
3. Big Spliff
4. Freaktown
5. Tight
6. Did You Play War?
7. Ebony and Ivory
8. Harder Than Who?
9. Car Song
10. Beer Bath
11. Santa's Got a Brand New Bag
12. 1%
13. Burnt Toast
14. Hemp for Victory

320 KBPS

1. Good for Now
2. Stay Gold
3. Little Pin Eyes
4. Crucial Bar-B-Q
5. Blazing Chalice

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