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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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The Reggae master from Adonai in Dub returns to Tzadik with another fascinating program of Jewish music-Reggae style. Feast of the Passover is a collection of songs commonly sung during the Passover seder. Beautifully recorded in Boston, Ithaca, and Jamaica it features a fabulous band of David's longtime associates as well as the critically acclaimed Romanian saxophonist Yuri Yunakov and the legendary Leonard "Sparrow" Dillon (of the Ethiopians) and the Silvertones on vocals. Incredibly varied and spiritually inspired music connecting the Rasta and Jewish traditions through the miracle of music, this is the perfect background to anyone's 21st century seder.

1. Divine Order
2. Bread Of Affliction
3. Four Questions
4. Ten Plagues
5. Hallelujah
6. Jah Is Mighty
7. Who Knows One?
8. Goats Milk
9. May The Prophet Arise
10. Once We Were Slaves
11. Peace
12. Next Year In Jerusalem


Darkman said...

Thanks a lot, Stefan!
I've been looking for this one...
thanks again!

F Nemesi said...

THANK YOU! Last year I listened to Adonai in Dub a hundred times :)