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Sunday, January 24, 2010


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OK, this is one of those projects that was built up by internet buzz for over three years. As such, the opportunity for disappointment and failure to meet expectations was high. I am a skeptic by nature and especially of the sort of buzz and hype that preceded this release.
Holy Fuck!!! If you've never been to a Pogues show, but know the material, listen to the live cuts of Sally MacLennane, Dirty Old Town, and The Sickbed of Cuchulainn first. These will confirm what Macgowan has always said, says on the rambling docu-bio "If I Should Fall From Grace. . .", that the Pogues should be recorded live. The energy on those tracks, from the band and the audience is truly extraordinary, and takes me back to New York in the late 80's when I first heard some of this music (at McSorley's Pub on E. 6th St; a night on which I was almost beaten for something unkind a companion said about the Irish). It's raw, it's warm, it's grrrreat fun, and it's a lasting beauty that attends little in popular music, say maybe Bob Dylan and a very few others.
Everything has been said in the other reviews about this set. I can only echo: "when will the other five discs be released"? And: "how about a tour of the US (not just the Northeast)?!" The fact that Shane MacGowan is still alive (look for a prediction of his imminent death to appear in print at least twice a year) is a marvel, and though I do actually say a prayer now and then that he will get sober (at 51 how much longer can he last?), his persistence in breathing the air is a testament to the energy and vitality of the music that flows through him and the band. I enjoy all of this, including the slurred singing from Shane-O (which, incidentally, has as much to do with his very poor dental health as the drinking). The variety, the new stuff, the old stuff in new versions, even the cinematic instrumentals are all a joy. Buy this if you like the Pogues, The Popes, and the genre they spawned, even a little bit. A keeper, a joy, a marvel. Thank you Phil Chevron for this great labor of love. May the Pogues (and Shane) be around and playing another 25 years!

Disc 1
1. Kerry Polka
2. Rocky Road to Dublin
3. Boys from the Country Hell ["Radio-Friendly" Version]
4. NW3
5. Donegal Express/The Hen and the Cock Are in Carrickmacross [Rehearsal Recording]
6. Do You Believe in Magic?
7. Hot Asphalt
8. Danny Boy [BBC John Peel Show]
9. Maggie May
10. Haunted [From Sid and Nancy]
11. The Travelling People [Rehearsal Recording]
12. Eve of Destruction
13. My Baby's Gone [Demo Recording]
14. North Sea Holes
15. Garbo (Aka in and Out) [From Garbo]
16. Last of McGee
17. Afro-Cuban Be-Bop [Alternate Mix]
18. Young Ned of the Hill [Dub Version]
19. Pinned Down/I'm Alone in the Wilderness
20. When the Ship Comes In [Demo Recording]
21. Waxies Dargle [Live]

Disc 2
1. Repeal of the Licensing Laws [Demo Recording]
---see comments---
2. Dark Streets of London [Demo Recording]
3. Greenland Whale Fisheries [Demo Recording]
4. Streams of Whiskey [Demo Recording]
5. Auld Triangle [BBC John Peel Show]
6. Poor Paddy on the Railway [BBC David "Kid" Jensen Show]
7. Sea Shanty [Demo Recording]
8. Transmetropolitan [Demo Recording]
9. Kitty [Demo Recording]
10. Boys from the County Hell [BBC David "Kid" Jensen Show]
11. Connemara, Let's Go! (Aka Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go)
12. Billy's Bones [BBC Janice Long Show]
13. Old Main Drag [BBC Janice Long Show]
14. Sally Maclennane [BBC John Peel Show]
15. Town That Never Sleeps
16. Something Wild
17. Driving Through the City
18. Rainy Night in Soho [Oboe Version]
19. Fairytale of New York [Demo Recording]
20. Fairytale of New York [Demo Recording]
21. Fairytale of New York [Demo Recording]
22. Navigator [Live]

Disc 3
1. Aria
2. Good, The Bad & The Ugly [From Straight to Hell]
3. Haunted [Demo Recording]
4. Love Theme from Sid and Nancy
5. Junk Theme [From Sid and Nancy]
6. Glued Up and Speeding [From Sid and Nancy]
7. Paris [From Sid and Nancy]
8. Needle for Paddy Garcia [From Sid and Nancy]
9. JB 57
10. Bowery Snax/Spiked [From Sid and Nancy]
11. Hot Dogs with Everything [From Sid and Nancy]
12. Rince del Emplacada
13. Rake at the Gates of Hell [BBC Janice Long Show]
14. Turkish Song of the Damned [BBC Janice Long Show]
15. If I Should Fall from Grace with God [BBC Janice Long Show]
16. Battle March [Demo Recording]
17. Lullaby of London [Demo Recording]
18. Shanne Bradley [Demo Recording]
19. Streets of Sorrow [Demo Recording]
20. Thousands Are Sailing [Backing Track with Guide Vocals]
21. Balinalee
22. Nicaragua Libré
23. Japan [Live]

Disc 4
1. Sally Maclennane [Live]
2. Pair of Brown Eyes [Live]
3. Kitty [Live]
4. Maggie May [Live]
5. Dirty Old Town [Live]
6. Sickbed of Cuchulainn [Live]
7. Fiesta [7" Single Remix]
8. If I Should Fall from Grace with God [12" Single Remix]
9. Johnny Come Lately
10. Boat Train [Demo Recording]
11. Night Train to Lorca [Demo Recording]
12. Mistlethrush
13. Got a Lot of Livin' to Do
14. Victoria
15. Murder [Version 1]
16. Lust for Vomit
17. Wake of the Medusa [Demo Recording]
18. Black Dogs Ditch
19. Aisling
20. Murder [Version 2]
21. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [12" Single Remix]
22. Maidrín Rua
23. Johnny Come Lately [Live]

Disc 5
1. John Was
2. Miss Otis Regrets/Just One of Those Things (feat. Kirsty MacColl)
3. All the Tears That I Cried (feat. Kirsty MacColl)
4. One and Only (feat. Kirsty MacColl)
5. Afro-Cuban Be-Bop [From I Hired a Contract Killer]
6. Turkish Song of the Damned [Live]
7. London Calling [Live]
8. I Fought the Law [Live]
9. Girl from the Wadi-Hammamat [Demo Recording]
10. Moving to Moldova [Demo Recording]
11. Call My Name
12. Sun and the Moon [Demo Recording]
13. Living in a World Without Her [Demo Recording]
14. Who Said Romance Is Dead? [Demo Recording]
15. Sound of the City Night [Demo Recording]
16. Four O'Clock in the Morning [Demo Recording]
17. Star of the County Down [Live]
18. White City [Live]
19. Medley: The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road to Dublin/The Galway Races
20. Parting Glass/Lord Santry's Fairest Daughter [Live]
21. Goodnight Irene [Live]


Anonymous said...

Link disc3 missing(link disc2 posted 2 times)
Jean Bernard.

Anonymous said...

thanks. Track 1 from Disc 2 is missing from my extract....

Anonymous said...

Ah Pogue Mahone. I was a regular at the record Stall where Shane helped out and occasion I stood behind the counter as well. went to see the Nips at every chance, after demise Shane would tell ne about his plans for a tard pinky band, I was at their first gig in a pub in Kings Cross. what was unveiled was not waht was expected, it was a very drunk night, no one looked back. the addition of Phil Chevron & Terry Woods, one a vetern of the irish folk scen, the other the irish Punk scene showed their intent.

I dont think we will see another great Shane song never mind an album which is a shame.

Incidently if you have the first pressing of Red Roses For Me, thast me doing the poor lilting after "kitty" also to be found on the re-mastered CD.

A mighy band. Found memories.


Anonymous said...

Me and my "typos"
for "tard pinky band" please read TRAD PUNKY. a tard pinky band does sound good though :)


Anonymous said...

many thanks - like xmas in january ;)

Anonymous said...

Track 1 from Disc 2 is missing from my extract too...

Thanks for the box, great reminder of how great they were.

Mr Moodswings said...

Track 1 from CD2 was indeed missing. Here it is: