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Friday, January 8, 2010


320 KBPS

A great, accomplished piece of quirky US indie/emo rock tuneage. Lovely packaging, top production, spot on riffs and harmonies, odd instruments joining in - just a generally solid record. THE JAZZ JUNE’s trip is kinda like TEXAS IS THE REASON jamming with early PAVEMENT, and very cool it is too. I would grab your mittens around this kitten and listen in while you give it a spin.

1. Viva la Speed Metal
2. The Scars to Prove It
3. Excerpt
4. The Phone Works Both Ways
5. Medicine, The
6. At the Artlist's Leisure, Pt. 2
7. Motorhead's Roadie
8. Death from Above
9. Fight Like Sinatra
10. Get on the Bus
11. Balance

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