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Thursday, January 28, 2010


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One of France's most respected pop acts, Les Innocents were a jangly pop band that released four albums between 1989 and 1999, all of which displayed its leaders' (J.P. Nataf and Jean-Christophe Urbain) fine songwriting skills and musical craftsmanship. Their career was boosted in 1987 by the success of their "Jodie" single, and their first three LPs spawned many other hits, from "Colore" to "Un Autre Finistère." Though those first LPs (1989's Cent Metres au Paradis, 1992's Fous à Lier, and 1995's Post Partum) sealed the band's popularity, the commercial failure of their fourth and last LP (1999's Les Innocents) initiated a separation process which is a real shame since it's probably their finest, more refined and ambitious album. Sadly, excellence doesn't always succeed.

1. Sur La Terre Arrosée
2. Une Vie Moins Ordinaire
3. Petite Flamme
4. Les Cailloux
5. Le Cygne
6. Les Moutons
7. D'Hendaye à Collioure
8. Danny Wilde
9. Fanfare
10. Susan Sarandon
11. Tu Sais Lire
12. Maubert
13. Treize
14. Himalayas

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The best album of the french Lennon & McCartney. Just listen to Dany Wilde and you'll know.