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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


MY PLACE (1989)
320 KBPS

4th album for Swiss artist Stephan Eicher, My Place is a transition album. His three previous albums leaned towards electronica and new wave and 1989 is when he decided to renew his sound. My Place, thus, gives us a new Eicher that brought rock, chanson and classical elements to his music. It's also the first album where he teamed up with French novelist Philippe Djian for the French lyrics written with wit and taste.
Of course, there are still hints of his old style but the new elements bring a welcomed warmth to the mix and since most of the songs displayed here are winners, it's a pretty damn good album we're having here.

1. I am a story backwards told
2. Rien à voir
3. My heart on your back
4. Right now
5. Bon pour moi
6. Me taire
7. Sois patiente avec moi
8. Life is bitter
9. This city
10. To get you there
11. My place
12. Guggisberglied
13. Guggisberglied (Moondog instrumental)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pour cet album le premier de sa collaboration avec ph. Djian