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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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Regularly cited as one of the greatest pure rock stars of all time, Philip Lynott had already guided hard rock heroes Thin Lizzy for over a decade and nine studio albums before embarking on his first solo effort, Solo in Soho, in 1980. Always the life of any party, Lynott would hold court in the studio, preaching an open-house policy which led to collaborations with countless fellow musicians and party animals (Huey Lewis, Gary Moore, Ultravox's Midge Ure, etc.) and which led to a star-studded solo debut. Recorded by the regular band without any outside guests, opener "Dear Miss Lonely Hearts" is the great, lost Thin Lizzy track — a Lynott masterpiece — from its immaculate songwriting, to its innocently romantic tell-tale lyrics. "King's Call" is slightly less inspired, but benefits from a laid-back vibe and typically fluid guitar solo from Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler. From here on out, Lynott introduces a wild assortment of new sounds and styles, including the gorgeous string overkill of "A Child's Lullaby"; the saxophone- and synthesizer-led pop of "Tattoo" and "Girls," respectively; the reggae swing of the title track (a shameless re-write of Elvis Costello's "Watching the Detectives"); the Spanish guitar of "Jamaican Run"; and even the full-on electronic dance music of "Yellow Pearl." The darker "Ode to a Black Man" revisits more familiar hard rock turf (and even shares some lyrics with "Didn't I" from Lizzy's Chinatown album of the same year), while "Talk in 79" brings the album to a close with a muscular bassline, topped with Lynott's husky voice delivering free-form poetry. An album that serious Thin Lizzy fans will have to own.

1. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
2. King's Call
3. A Child's Lullaby
4. Tattoo (Giving It All up for Love)
5. Solo in Soho
6. Girls
7. Yellow Pearl
8. Ode to a Black Man
9. Jamaican Rum
10. Talk in 79

320 KBPS

Going by this album, Phil Lynott would have had a lot in common with Bob Geldof, with both of them writing songs that strove for memorable hooks and related to growing up in the rough end of Ireland. The Philip Lynott Album has some surprisingly sweet moments, considering Lynott's hard-rocking past with Thin Lizzy. It generated a bona fide European pop hit in a remodeled version of "Yellow Pearl" (co-written by Midge Ure of Ultravox), a sarcastic attack on Asian marketing methods.

1. Fatalistic Attitude
2. The Man's A Fool
3. Old Town
4. Cathleen (A Beautiful Irish Girl)
5. Growing Up
6. Yellow Pearl
7. Together
8. Little Bit of Water
9. Ode to Liberty - Protest Song
10. Gino
11. Don't Talk About Me Baby


monkeyonmyback said...

mm, just great, played with some of the lads in his studio way back in the early 80's trying my luck as a bass player, alas, my drinking abilities were bigger than my musical ones.
thanks for this hard to get album

monkeyonmyback said...

mmm, thanks for this hard to get album.
I remember when I played as a wild card in his studio, way back in the early 80's, playing some sessions with snowy. Alas my drinking capabilities were bigger then my bass playing. Guess I was to young then

the saucer people said...

With the recent change in Rapidshare policy I have noticed quite a few blogs I regulary visit have had EVERY SINGLE RS LINK taken down with the line about suspected illegal content...unbelievable, all that hard work just gone! First Google take down the majority of the great blogs and now RS make any left standing kinda useless aside from the information on the release.

Infact the only blogs with live links left are like yours and have scrambled the name with numbers etc and/or have links to passwords like you....wise move!

RS must have done a load of word searches and any suspected file with the name in has been taken in point, one blog had posted a huge collection of different versions of Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' and split it into 4 different RS files...out of the four, one was left alone because for that one the blog had accidently miss-spelled it "Qeuen"!!!! so that definitely shows that scrambling the spelling works (for now at least!)

Anyway, thanks for the PL albums, I just heard the "Together" track for the first time in 28 years and was amazed how fresh the Midge Ure production sounded....on the 12 Inch version of the Together single, there is a "Dance Mix" version, you ever come across it?