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Monday, January 18, 2010


FOUS A LIER (1992)
320 KBPS

One of France's finest pop acts second album. This album is really when it all started for Les Innocents. Sure, they already had a hit with their second single 5 years prior to the release of "Fous à Lier" and their debut album was more clumsy than bad yet, it's with this 1992 release that the band really defined their trademark sound, something very French and definitely pop. Unlike many other bands, Les Innocents are not heavily influenced by English and American bands or, it they are, the influences are so well digested that they're quite difficult to pinpoint. This, and the overall quality of the compositions, makes of "Fous à Lier" an exquisite little album with great heigths (Un Homme Extraordinaire, L'Autre Finistère, Mon Dernier Soldat, Fous à Lier) and very few lows. A must hear for any pop lover.

1. Un Homme Extraordinaire
2. Je Vais A Bang-Bang
3. L'Autre Finistere
4. Mon Dernier Soldat (Toi Mon Roi)
5. Confessions D'Un Vieux Serpent
6. Belladonna Mia
7. Fous A Lier
8. Le Paravent
9. Les Remorques
10. En Tapant Du Poing
11. Marie, Prends Ton Temps
12. Sans Titre

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