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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


ASTRO-CREEP: 2000 (1995)
320 KBPS

On "Astro Creep 2000," the follow up to White Zombie's breakthrough album (1992's "La Sexorcisto") the group doesn't stray to far from the formula of their previous albums. In fact many of the elements (i.e. tongue-in-cheek thrash on top of industrial metal with growly vocals, ominous horror movie samples, and overtones/themes which are cartoonish yet equally dark) just seem resurrected. Nonetheless, this is probably WZ's best effort. With a "beefed up" sound (which comes as a result of an "everything but the kitchen sink" production job), you'll probably not even notice that the musicianship is good, but not top notch (and it can even be a bit simplistic at times).
Even still, there is plenty to like on "Astro Creep 2000." "Super-Charger Heaven" is probably the catchiest and most well known song on here, but the sexy, R-rated "More Human Than Human" is a close contender. And "Electric Head, Pt. 1" (which has bobbing riffs) and "Pt. 2" are very catchy, as well. Also, "Creature Of The Wheel" and "I, Zombie" have strong, churning riffs, track nine has more powerful, driving guitar work, and "Blur The Technicolor" has catchy, chug and churn riffs, and the album ends with a pounding rhythm and eerily calm vocals.
The bottom line is this album sounds great, and is mighty catchy! I don't recommend it to fans of Nine Inch Nails-esque industrial metal, but definitely check it out if trashy/raunchy, riff heavy, tongue-in-cheek industrial metal is your cup of tea. And, like all of Rob or White Zombie's releases, try not to think too hard on it.

1. Electric Head, Part 1 (The Agony)
2. Super Charger Heaven
3. Real Solution #9
4. Creature Of The Wheel
5. Electric Head, Part 2 (The Ecstasy)
6. Grease Paint And Monkey Brains
7. I, Zombie
8. More Human Than Human
9. El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama
10. Blur The Technicolor
11. Blood, Milk And Sky

320 KBPS

Usually remix albums are a horrible thought. Very rarely do they deliver a complete experience and most remixes these days seem to just take one line out of a song and repeat it over a crummy breakbeat. However, Supersexy Swingin' Sounds is more like another interpretation of one of White Zombie's best albums, Astro Creep 2000. All the sings from Astro Creep are remixed here (excluding Creature Of The Wheel and I Zombie) plus a remix of "I'm Your Boogie Man" which originally appeared on the Crow City Of Angels soundtrack. All the mixes on here sound awesome, I don't think there is a track on here I don't like. I pretty much wore out my Astro Creep CD, so this is a new way of listening to it. My favorite remix would have to be the Wine, Women & Song Mix of "El Phantasmo & the Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama" which just almost surpasses it's original (It's also pretty much the theme song of a radio station here). If you are a fan of White Zombie's or Rob's work, I strongly recommend you pick this up. It's not like other remix albums and I promise it won't disappoint.

1. Electric Head, Pt.2
2. More Human Than Human
3. I, Zombie
4. Grease Paint And Monkey Brains
5. Blur The Technicolor
6. Super-Charger Heaven
7. El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama
8. Blood, Milk And Sky
9. Real Solution #9
10. Electric Head, Pt. 1
11. I'm Your Boogie Man

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