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Monday, January 25, 2010


320 KBPS

The Cat and the Cobra is an excellent collection of songs written over the better part of 1999. With the departure of original drummer Pat Mahoney, Les Savy Fav, in 1999 welcomed college pal and former Hellbender drummer Harrison Haynes. Haynes brough a freshness to the band that created, I think, the perfect chemistry that the Fav have been looking. The Cat and the Cobra is a blend of familiar sounds that reminisce the Pixies, Rye Coalition and the DC punk movement. The Fav are no strangers to the studio, and with help from Brooklynite Nicholas, they mastered the perfect stew of sounds. Guitarist Seth Jabour and bassist Syd Butler(founder of French kiss)write the perfect, quintasential parts making the music both melodic and at times experimental.

1. The Orchard
2. We'Ve Got Boxes
3. Who Rocks the Party
4. Wake Up!
5. Roadside Memorial
6. Dishonest Don Part I
7. Dishonest Don Part II
8. The End
9. This Incentive
10. Reformat
11. Titan

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