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Thursday, January 7, 2010


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The swan song of Veruca Salt at the height of their creative collaboration before Nina Gordon left the band, Eight Arms to Hold You (taken from the temporary title of the Beatles film "Help!") has far more depth than their first album/cd: American Thighs. It seems to rise above the depressing grunge that was popular in 1997, but still contains some aspects of it. The recording quality is fabulous, harmonies are dead-on, and songs have catchy hooks. Some songs are radio-friendly rock & pop such as Volcano Girls and Awesome while some others are heavier (Straight, Earthcrosser) and a few easy-listening goodies (Benjamin, Lonliness is Worse). There is a definite layering of dimension to the songwriting, especially evident in Earthcrosser which has slow, bluesy acoustic parts alternating with heavy electric guitar parts between verse and refrain. This song is definitely inspired by Brother Cane's "Make Your Play" from the cd Brother Cane, 1994.
I don't see a weakness on this cd. The backup vocals are etheral and interwoven while contrasting with heavy guitar sounds. It's a stunning combination of sounds. Plus it's cool to hear girls with attitude.

1. Straight
2. Volcano Girls
3. Don't Make Me Prove It
4. Awesome
5. One Last Time
6. With David Bowie
7. Benjamin
8. Shutterbug
9. The Morning Sad
10. Sound Of The Bell
11. Loneliness Is Worse
12. Stoneface
13. Venus Man Trap
14. Earthcrosser


Anonymous said...

i agree, nice to hear the girls, and i think this was underrated at the time.. as for the harmonies, better ones than the guys on par.. thanks for this one, it's got some stomp! chatter

Anonymous said...

Can we have some American Thighs now?