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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


320 KBPS

Punk with a brain. Not just a band with a cool video and a catchy hook. Witty, smart lyrics that make you laugh and think and pogo your little beatle boots off...Thats how I would describe ALL. This is my favorite album by the rawkers. From the cute kid charm of 'Frog' to the worldly aware "just living", "sum" and "educated idiot" you will dig this amazingly fun and wildly amusing bunch of punky tunes. Much closer to Victim's Family or NoMeansNo than your average So-called-punk MTV outfit.

1. Educated Idiot
2. Just Like Them
3. Prison
4. Just Living
5. Freaky
6. Frog
7. Simple Things
8. Cyclops
9. Ratchet
10. Sum
11. Crawdad
12. Explorador

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