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Thursday, January 28, 2010


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It was a dream come true for uber-Beatles fans Cheap Trick to have George Martin produce an album with them. The results equal one of my favorite Cheap Trick albums, and I love Cheap Trick so when I say it's probably my favorite release from them that carries some weight. It might sound odd but I think Heaven Tonight is their "best" album but All Shook Up is probably my "favorite" album, and I can't leave In Color out of the running for either spot because that's outstading as well. Anyway, All Shook Up has some oddball stuff like a Darth Vader-synth voice on "High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise" and a tribal-esque drum chant party on "Who D King." Add to those a grandiose theme song like "Stop This Game," a couple of old-school rockers like "Just Got Back" and "Baby Loves to Rock," and one of the best power ballads EVER in "World's Greatest Lover" and you have one heck of a record. I have the original 10-song version (after my old LP literally wore out) so I can't comment on the remastering or bonus tracks. I have to mention that "Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try," "I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends," and "Go For The Throat (Use Your Own Imagination)" are also classic Cheap Trick tunes. There is literally not a bad song on this entire album.

1. Stop This Game
2. Just Got Back
3. Baby Loves To Rock
4. Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try
5. World's Greatest Lover
6. High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
7. Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down
8. I Love you Honey But I Hate Your Friends
9. Go For The Throat (Use your Own Imagination)
10. Who D'King
Bonus Tracks
11. Everything Works If You Let It
12. Day Tripper (Live Version)
13. Can't Hold On (Live Version)
14. Such A Good Girl
15. Take Me I'm Yours


censusloss said...

Dear Dr. M -A REALLY tasty, classy post here - thank you
Its funny how such a classic band is generally overlooked in the great blogosphere, no? Another candidate for your consideration in order to educate the masses -The Posies. If there was ever a band criminally overlooked and under-bought in absolute inverse proportion to their MASSIVE gifts, it's that one

Keep on, Brother....


Dan said...

Put on some headphones (GOOD ones..not those little plasic ear buds) and listen to "Go For The Throat (Use your Own Imagination)"

The sound of the bass guitar is beyond wicked!