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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


320 KBPS

Rich with innovation, intensity and complex songwriting, BLACK PHANTOM CRUSADES represents a flawless mixture of art and math. Unpredictable and aggressive yet never out of control, Red Animal War pulls, screams and claws at the heart of guitar-driven rock as if they had just one last chance to save it. Multi-layered patchworks of instrumentation, intricate start-stop dynamics and sharply written melodies characterize the somehow seamless flow of each song on this amazing sophomore release. Wrapped with smart lyrics that venture far beyond the domain of broken hearts, lead singer Justin Wilson understands that words can hit as hard as any instrument. The rhythm section is so driving and the guitar play so tricky. Whether the power of BLACK PHANTOM CRUSADES comes from its creativity, its vast depth of dynamics, its technical skill or its incredible performance, Red Animal War comes out on top...swinging, invincible and hard-hitting as ever. This is a tremendous accomplishment, a victory to say the least. It's that good, maybe even better.

1. Still
2. When Fat Pigs Fly
3. Straight Lines For Construction Workers
4. Making Zealots
5. When I Get The Feelin' (Back In My Hands)
6. The Day After Yesterday
7. Mouse
8. And So It Begins With Bombs
9. Gattaca
10. Photel California
11. Jambalaya
12. Right Now, Today, I Don't Believe In Hell

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