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Friday, January 22, 2010


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The Crownhate Ruin were formed immediately after the demise of Hoover in 95. With Fred Erskine on Bass and Joseph P. McRedmond on guitar and vocals and Vin Novara from 1.6 band on drums. The sound is pretty much the same as Hoover, with the record starting off with one of those fat funky Erskine basslines. Some of the passages are more drawn out, giving the band room to explores some of the terrain that Hoover savagely broke through.
Probably the most crucial, as well as earliest, of the post-Hoover full length albums, 1996's Until The Eagle Grins is a pure beast of a post-hardcore record.

1. Ride Your Ride
2. Late Arriving Rock Dudes
3. Stretched Too Thin
4. In The Four Years To Come
5. Every Minutes Sucker
6. Tornado Season Finale
7. Better Still If They Don't Know
8. Piss Alley
9. You Will Wish Me Dead
10. Blood Relative

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