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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


256 KBPS

An exuberant, good-timey return by the Galway accordion virtuoso. Who knows which of her celebrated collaborators count as saints and which as scoundrels but, as ever, it takes a cast of interesting mates to conduct Shannon's sound from trad-style instrumental to R&B knees-up. Imelda May is here, as is Shane MacGowan plus a den of hoarse bandits called the Cartoon Thieves. But perhaps the most affecting cut is the drifting, trickling "Saints and Angels", featuring an original cast of Waterboys. Uncomplicated fun for all.

1. Mama Lou (feat. The Cartoon Theives)
2. Howya Horse?
3. Go Tell the Devil (feat. Imelda May)
4. The Wild West Wagon Train
5. Saints and Angels (feat. The Waterboys)
6. Whitewash Station Blues (feat. The Cartoon Theives)
7. Hillbilly Lilly & Buffalo Benji
8. Let's Drink For Once Dead (feat. Jerry Fish)
9. Shifting Summer Sands (feat. Carol Keogh)
10. Cape Clear
11. Lady Luck
12. Rake At the Gates of Hell & the Scoundrels Halo (feat. Shane MacGowan)