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Thursday, January 14, 2010


320 KBPS

Debut release from the Bradford based quartet leading the early 90's post-grunge 'Brit-Rock' revolution. Terrovision took influence from the declining grunge bands such as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. To this they added a sense of energy anda positive attitude which led to a sound akin to their counterparts Kerbdog and The Wildhearts.
A nice debut album that shows a talented band that has yet to define a sound of its own but still manages to entertain the listenner.

1. Problem Solved
2. Ships That Sink
3. American T.V.
4. New Policy One
5. Jason
6. Killing Time
7. Urban Space Crime
8. Hole For A Soul
9. Don't Shoot My Dog
10. Desolation Town
11. My House
12. Human Being

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