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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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UFO was on a roll so to speak after their breakthrough 'Force It' and the guitar wizardry of Michael Schenker started to gain the band serious notoriety in hard rock circles. In May of 1976, 'No Heavy Pettin' continued the run of magnificience. Danny Peyronel had joined the band during the supporting tour for 'Force It' but he only lasted throught the supporting tour for the next album. He was replaced on a more permenant basis by Paul Raymond, however Peyronel was the first keyboard player in UFO after former Ten Years After keysman Chuck Churchill, who had played on the two prior LP's strictly in a session capacity. "Natural Thing" blows out of the speakers with a monsterous riff that works magic as the album opener. Sordid tales of groupies always seem to make great rock songs and both "Thing" and "I'm a Loser" both became concert staples, the latter featuring both acoustic and metal genius from Mr. Schenker. Other favorites include "Can You Roll Her" and "Reasons Love" which features an incredibly fast guitar solo from Schenker. Peyronel contributed "Highway Lady" another fast and loose rocker which tempowise seemed to fit with many of the speed rockers on the record. Not known for being a great blues band didn't stop UFO from unleashing the album's crowing jewel (in my humble opinion anyway)"On With the Action", a burning, seething groovefest with Phil's tough lyrics about the desolation of the streets and Michael's trademark tone, slowed down to a molten pace, then ratched up for another mindblowing lead break. Leo Lyons' production, his last with UFO after three trailblazing records, captured the essence of Michael's sound and this just might be his best guitar sound UFO record. Some duds towards the end (including a another cover that blows!) don't hurt the majesty of another cornerstone release by the Seventies greatest unsung hard rock band.

1. Natural Thing
2. I'm A Loser
3. Can You Roll Her
4. Belladonna
5. Reasons Love
6. Highway Lady
7. On With The Action
8. A Fool In Love
9. Martian Landscape
Bonus Tracks
10. All Or Nothing
11. French Kisses
12. Have You Seen Me Lately Joan
13. Do It If You Can
14. All The Strings

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