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Friday, January 22, 2010


320 KBPS

In order to try to explain what we're dealing with here, let me say Yann DeStal music diplays elements of pop, a light Pink Floyd influence, a little something of Queen the whole thing served with sophisticated arrangements. But the strongest point here is Yann's voice which could be compared to Jeff Buckley though possessing a personality of its own. What's even more amazing with "The Great Blue Scar" is how DeStal, with all those elements, manages something personal and attractive. A rich and captivating album those who love modern pop won't want to miss.

1. Great Blue Sky
2. I Stand
3. Down (On The Ground)
4. It's War
5. Make The Call
6. Feel Else
7. I Was Right
8. Was Or Wasn't Here
9. Outta My Life
10. Gone Forever
11. Only You
12. You're There

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