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Monday, January 25, 2010


I ROBOT (1977)
320 KBPS

Critcs start to bash Alan Parsons Project albums from their second offering on. And I always suspect that that was more due to the fact APP was a huge commercial success than to some decrease of musical quality. And if you hear APP´s Tales of Mystery and Imagination and this one you´ll seee not much difference between the music in general. Sure, I robot is more polished and had one song that reached the carts (I Wouldn´t Want To Be Like You), but that´s about it. The project always had this flair for the melodic, accessible approach since the beginning, so there is no real ´betrayal´ of their prog past as some claim.
Having said that, I must admit I was a fan. Hearing this CD after all these years reminded me of how versatile, creative and prolific they were. The production is so perfect is almost absurd. The many singers invited do a great job and certainly Woolfson and Parsons know how to craft great tunes. I was surprised to find members of that pop band Pilot playing in such sophisticated project but Ian Bairnson and David Patton proved to be better musicians than most people (me included) thought they were. I liked the themes of their conceptual works too. It was quite unsual for an act to work always with concept albums and come out with such constant success.
There is no real challeging music here. Nothing too original or groundbreaking, either. But I guess it was never their goal anyway. Nevertheless, it was nice music, very well done and with tasteful arrangements. Their progressive influences (very strong on I Robot) would wear out in future releases, but they never ceased to amaze me with the quality of their songwriting abilities.

1. I Robot
2. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
3. Some Other Time
4. Breakdown
5. Don't Let It Show
6. The Voice
7. Nucleus
8. Day After Day (Show Must Go On)
9. Total Eclipse
10. Genesis Ch. 1 V. 32
Bonus tracks
11. Boules (I Robot Experiment)
12. Breakdown (Early Demo Of Backing Riff)
13. I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (Backing Track Rough Mix)
14. Day After Day (Early Stage Rough Mix)
15. The Naked Robot

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