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Sunday, January 10, 2010


320 KBPS

This lavish five-disc box set is mainly for serious Free fans. It does include most of the band's best known songs, but only a few of them are in their original album version.
Listeners who are less than totally devoted to Free will find that "Songs Of Yesterday" is sort of an alternate version of the band's legacy, and those fans would be better off with "Molten Gold - The Free Anthology". But those who already own Free's original albums will find this box set to be a treasure trove.
Let sum things up:
Basic Tracks
All the classics are here...Mover, The Hunter, All Right Now, and Be My friend. I am very impressed by the remastering effort. Free were a great band but poor production can really kill enthusiasm. Exile on Main St is a great example of an amazing record almost lost in the muddle of poor production. These songs make Koss, Simon, and Paul JUST jump out at you!!!! After years of listening to the hiss laden lps and cassettes, these songs were now a revelation.
I think we have all forgotten the true nature and purpose of the 45. It delivered a hit and often an equally good but overlooked song. Thankfully for FREE, and fans, they did quite a few singles which resulted in a large number of B-sides. I love them and real fans should too. They are every bit as good as the A-sides once again showing the amazing musical talents of Simon, Andy, and Paul.
Alternate takes
This can be a thorny issue. OFten bands fill collections of altenrate takes as a means to fill space and jack up the price. Sometimes we get glimpses of how songs evolve and entirely different interpretations prior to song's actual release. I believe all of the above happens. We get different arrangements, interpretations, and some filler. That is entirely OK by me.
Live Songs
Unbelievable!!!!! The live material on this disc reminds us all that this band was amazing and was well ahead of its rivals.
All in all this is a classy and entertaining box set that's more aimed at afficionados of the band than newcomers but still a great catch for the latter.

Disc 1
1. Over the Green Hills [New Stereo Mix]
2. Walk in My Shadow [Alternative Stereo Mix]
3. Wild Indian Woman [New Stereo Mix]
4. Guy Stevens Blues
5. Visions Of Hell
6. I'm a Mover [Mono Version]
7. Moonshine [Alternative Stereo Mix]
8. Woman by the Sea
9. Free Me
10. Long Tall Sally
11. Broad Daylight [Original 7" Mono Mix]
12. Worm [Original 7" B-Side]
13. Trouble on Double Time
14. Spring Dawn
15. I'll Be Creepin'
16. Sugar For Mr.Morrison [New Stereo Mix]
17. Songs Of Yesterday [New Stereo Mix]
18. Woman
19. Mourning Sad Morning [Alternative Stereo Mix]
20. Fire and Water [Alternative Stereo Mix]

Disc 2
1. All Right Now
2. Oh I Wept [New Stereo Mix]
3. Remember [New Stereo Mix]
4. Don't Say you Love Me [New Stereo Mix]
5. Stealer [Full Version]
6. Highway Song [Alternative Stereo Mix]
7. On My Way [Alternative Stereo Mix]
8. Sunny Day [New Stereo Mix]
9. Ride on a Pony [Alternative Stereo Mix]
10. Love You So [Alternate Take]
11. Soon I Will Be Gone
12. My Brother Jake [New Stereo Mix]
13. Makin' Love (Only My Soul)
14. Rain
15. Get Where I Belong
16. Only My Soul [Original 7" B-Side]
17. Travelling Man [Alternative Stereo Mix]
18. Molten Gold

Disc 3
1. Little Bit of Love [Alternative Mix]
2. Soldier Boy [Alternative Mix]
3. Sail On
4. Guardian of the Universe
5. Child [Alternative Mix]
6. Honky Tonk Women
7. Lady
8. Muddy Water
9. Heartbreaker [Live]
10. Wishing Well
11. Let Me Show You
12. Let Me Show You [Original B-Side]
13. Muddy Water
14. Common Mortal Man [Alternative Mix]
15. Heartbreaker [Alternative Mix]
16. Seven Angels [Alternative Mix]

Disc 4
1. Ride on a Pony [Live]
2. Be My Friend [Live]
3. Fire and Water [Live]
4. Stealer [Live]
5. Don't Say You Love Me [Live]
6. Mr. Big [Live]
7. I'll Be Creepin' [Live]
8. Free Me [Live]
9. Woman [Live]
10. I'm a Mover [Live]
11. Walk in My Shadow [Live]
12. Songs of Yesterday [Live]
13. All Right Now [Live]
14. Crossroads [Live]

Disc 5
1. (I Just Wanna) See You Smile
2. Zero BC
3. Like Water
4. Ol'Jelly Roll [Alternative 7" Mix]
5. Follow Me [Alternate 7" Mix]
6. Fool's Life
7. I'm on the Run
8. Sammy's Alright
9. Hold On [New Stereo Mix]
10. Tuesday Williamsburg
11. Unseen Love
12. Time Spent (Time Away)

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