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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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In the early 80's, versatile guitarist Garry Moore began cranking out a series hard rocking albums that established the Irishman as a respected guitar hero in the genre. He was also something of a crusader, making nuclear war the subject of several songs during the Reagan years. Perhaps Moore's best all around album in the 80's was Wild Frontier, released in 1987. The songs were full of emotion, the production excellent, and the musicianship outstanding, as Moore's fiery guitar playing was tempered with a more bluesy vibe, backed by keyboards. With Moore's singing under control and conveying more feeling, Wild Frontier was one of the best melodic hard rock albums of the late 80's.
Moore's follow up, After the War, released in 1989, is similar to Wild Frontier from a production and sound standpoint. Although there are some great tracks, overall the material is a mixed musical bag, lacking the cohesiveness of Wild Frontier. This time around, Moore seems to be interested in lightening things up a bit.
The musicians are hard rock heavyweights. Bassist Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne/Rainbow/Uriah Heep), and keyboard player Neil Carter (UFO), return after having also played on Wild Frontier. Also contributing are Don Airey (Rainbow/MSG/Whitesnake) on keyboards, and Cozy Powell (MSG/Jeff Beck/Black Sabbath/Rainbow) and Simon Phillips (Toto/MSG/Judas Priest) on drums.
Gary Moore seems to be exploring some new musical directions on After the War, the results being a somewhat uneven album. His creative lead work is at times completely off the charts, but a great solo doesn't always make for a great song. Perhaps Moore had grown weary of the heavy metal genre, as he would turn to the blues next. After this would come Still Got the Blues, the first in a long string of blues albums the guitarist would record in the 90's and beyond.

1. Dunluce (Part 1)
2. After The War
3. Speak For Yourself
4. Livin' On Dreams
5. Led Clones
6. The Messiah Will Come Again
7. Running From The Storm
8. This Thing Called Love
9. Ready For Love
10. Blood Of Emeralds
11. Dunluce (Part 2)

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