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Thursday, January 14, 2010


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Coming from any other artist, this album would be a good one but Mano set standards so high "Les Animals" disappointed his followers. So, okay, it's not a bad album, it even has highlights that can compete with the best of his catalog ("Paris avance", "L'aventure" or "Botzaris" recorded with Les Têtes Raides) but, somehow, something doesn't click as it should have. It is obvious Mano wanted to try new things with this one and, considering it was his 6th album, it's understandable. The result is an album that tries a little too much to please a larger audience and became Mano's first failure. Still, Mano's at his worst was better than most of the other "new chanson" artists and if "Les animals" is not a complete success, it still has enough good moments to entertain, move and make you think. So, basically, it's an album you ought to try and make your own mind about.

2.Paris avance
3.Les animals
4.Du vent
5.Je n'y peux rien
6.Rêves du coeur
8.Rien n’est à toi
9.Barrios barbès
10.Moi j'y crois
12.La suie
13.Les sentiments


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up.

Anonymous said...

appreciate it! thanks!