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Friday, January 29, 2010


320 KBPS

Experience, lead by Michel Cloup, ex-Diabologum, offers us one of the finest French indie rock demonstration of the last ten years. Of course, this music is not easy to digest and the lyrics being very important will not help those who don't understand French to get into it but, if you try hard enough, you'll find something both beautifully twisted and intelligent which does not come too often in the indie rock realm. Socially concerned, vibrant and cerebral, the music of Experience could be compared to a senseless-free Sloy or a noisier Diabologum though Experience truly is a beast of its own. It's likely you've never heard anything like that and, in my humble opinion, that is a good thing.

1. Aujourd'hui Maintenant
2. Essayer
3. Entre Voisins
4. Deux
5. La Question Ne Se Pose Pas
6. Les Ouvriers Coréens
7. West Houston Street
8. Fin 82 Début 83
9. La Pièce Du Frigo
10. Pour Ceux Qui Aiment Le Jazz

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