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Monday, January 4, 2010


320 KBPS

Although Mindset started out as a typical rap-metal outfit, A Bullet for Cinderella finds the band having shed those trappings completely, modifying their sound to a more melodic, slowed-down heavy metal style. It's fairly traditional, with a bit of a progressive tinge; Soundgarden and King's X might be logical touchstones.
It's quite sad to see that, though this is a solid and nicely crafted album, it was to be Mindset's latest for quite a long time. Anyway, with apt songwriting, an interesting evolution and fitting production, "A Bullet for Cinderella" certainly is a must hear for modern rock & metal lovers.

1. Gift Wrap
2. Sorry
3. The System
4. Mother Loves You
5. 8 Beers & a Book on Zen
6. Divided
7. Wasted Time
8. Laugh
9. Die Ricki Die
10. W.B.P.M.
11. Everyman
12. A Bullet for Cinderella
13. Bottom of the Glass

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