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Saturday, January 2, 2010


320 KBPS

When thinking of Spanish rock, many people will think of an energetic, happy kind of music which is as far as Migala's sound as can be. The names that come to mind when trying to define Migala's sound are more of the melancholic type such as Lambchop or Tindersticks and, since they also have a personality of their own, their offer us a debut album, released on quality spanish indie label Acuarela, that is both beautiful and sad.
Those looking for music for a rainy day would be well advised to try "Asi Duele un Verano", it's a beauty.

1. Wait The Ships Come Back
2. The Whale
3. 320 m. To The Surface
4. Low Of Defenses
5. Gurb Song
6. Guetaria
7. On Not Given Farewells...
8. Ancient Glaciar Tongues
9. Akita
10. Unlost Memory
11. Regular Storm Sounds
12. Dactylographique
13. When I Go, I Go

1 comment:

Jónatham F. Moriche said...

Uno de los mejores discos de uno de los mejores grupos de la historia de nuestro rock. Muchas gracias por recordarlos, y por descubrírselos a otros. Por cierto, ¡este es también uno de los mejores blogs musicales de este planeta!