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Thursday, February 4, 2010


320 KBPS

Swedish label Cold Meat Industry delivers here a 2 cds selection of their catalog. This compiltation is now sold out but, lucky you!, Moodswings had it in stores and is proud to present this collection of previously unreleased material. A healthy dose of Cold Meat Industry's most ominous acts of the label's first 10 years.
The first disk is fanatastic neo-classical. In Slaughter Natives, The Protagonist, Ordo Equilibrio, and Arcana stand out as stunning soundscapes of dramatic pain. The bleak narration of Puissance' "Love incinerate" captures a scene of the apocalypse, literally. All this is not to say the rest of the cd is filler. Listened to in it's entirety, I find myself in corners of my mind long forgotten.
The second half of "The Absolute Supper" taps into the power-noise, experimental, and industrial ambience that has made bands like Brighter Death Now and MZ.412 infamous. Some points of the tracks drag on with loops barely overcoming inertia. Extremely stark. Actually towards the end, the Ildfrost tracks ressemble the directions of early Delerium.
This is absolutely worth the time.

Disc One
1 In Slaugther Natives : INRI... raped by the Cross
2 The Protagonist : Imitation
3 The Protagonist : Zoroaster
4 Ordo Equilibrio : The perplexity of hybris. I glorify myself
5 Sanctum : {/}
6 Puissance : Love incinerate
7 Arcana : Winds of the lost souls
8 Mortiis : Child of curiosity & the old man of knowledge
9 Desiderii Marginis : Chaos undivided
10 Sephiroth : R'lyeh
11 Raison d'Être : The verge of somnolence
12 Hazard : Who blew out the Northern lights?

Disc Two
1 Brighter Death Now : I wish I was a little girl
2 Frozen Faces : Zyklon B Doll
3 MZ.412 : NBS act1 begravning
4 Megaptera : Don't descecrate the dead
5 Deutsch Nepal : Logo
6 Nacht : Svartsinn
7 Archon Satani : A time of ruin
8 Ildfrost : Hearts perturbe
9 Ildfrost : Slept awake
10 Cintecele Diavolui : The Devil must kill

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