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Saturday, February 20, 2010


STONE AGE (2008)
320 KBPS

The Fugitive Kind is born of ex-Overhead singer Nicolas Leroux's need to express his deepest emotions in music. While Overhead has been compared to a lighter Jeff Buckley, Nicolas' new band, The Fugitive Kind, recalls me more of Damien Rice or Jason Mraz in that the (indie) folk elements of Leroux's chops take the lead. Accompanied by ex-Overhead musicians (bassist Richard Cousin and drummer Cyril Tronchet) and two newcomers, Landscape's Steffen Charon and Carp's Benoît Givarch, both on guitars, The Fugitive Kind remains, above, all the work of its leader who controlled all the creative process for a moving and successful result. Sadly, released over a year ago, this sweet album didn't sell very well nor did it receive the praise it deserved. Anyway, the music, in all its beauty and subtlety, is now available at Moodswings and I advise you all to give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

1. The Fugitive Kind
2. A Different Man
3. Is this the Wrong Tide ?
4. Winter Blast
5. Stone Age
6. Innercity
7. The Thrill
8. Chances are
9. From the Night drives
10. New York

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