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Monday, February 22, 2010


TONIGHT (2009)
320 KBPS

Franz Ferdinand are definitely not for dissapointing their fans, and yet this album is just as accessible as their debut and 'You Could Have it So Much Better' except there is a more dominant electro/new wave feel with 'Tonight' that anyone can easily get into (and should).
'Tonight' offers a different, more sexier and darker side to Franz Ferdinand. Still, they never seem to loose themselves to experimentation; you know who you're listening to and that this is for sure a Franz Ferdinand album. 'Ulysses' is catchy, no doubt, probably not as much as their previous singles,'Take Me Out' or 'Do You Want To?', but it's still a good song. 'Turn It On' is also good, but it's a better segway to 'No You Girls', a quite swaggering tease of a tune; it's a brilliant pop song, and possibly the album's highlight. 'Twilight Omens' and 'Dream Again' are a wonderfully dreamy pop tunes. 'Live Alone' is probably another album highlight, a very meaningful and very dancable elctro-diddy. 'Lucid Dreams' is way different from what listeners had previous heard on the net (though it was considered a demo). It's still a great song and Franz's longest, running at nearly 8 minutes; the last 3 minutes are pure elcectronica bliss. The album closes with 'Katherine Kiss Me,' a classic Franz ballad, acoustic, mellow, and a reminder that FF has still a bright future ahead.

1. Ulysses
2. Turn It On
3. No You Girls
4. Send Him Away
5. Twilight Omens
6. Bite Hard
7. What She Came For
8. Live Alone
9. Can't Stop Feeling
10. Lucid Dreams
11. Dream Again
12. Katherine Kiss Me

1 comment:

Andrew52 said...

"3 minutes of pure electronica bliss" is a pretty good recommendation. Thank you for the efforts; the broad range of quality material and the insights offered into the music never cease to satisfy. Well done.