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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


320 KBPS

Jets to Brazil's Blake Schwarzenbach, with his nasal cold and fake British Elvis Costello-like accent, writes testimonies of love unfulfilled like he's sitting in a stoned haze, lifting his eyes momentarily out of the warm mist, looking around, and returning, dismayed, but not discouraged, to the sheltering comfort of his nothing, protected world, where you'll find a poet's grace for the perfect sentiment, ("If I cried a river for you, would you swim in it some sunny afternoon?"), cosmic imagery, ("Do the stars conspire to kill us off with loneliness?"), lazy guitar fueled summery ballads, ("summer dress your hair's wet, and gets into our kisses"), and sharp hooks and riffs so simply manipulative you'll feel tinges of guilt hitting the repeat button on a guitar riff that even The Knack would reject as too common, ("Little Light"). It's an addictive, melodic, and even companionable album, like comfort from a friend whose love life is so screwed up , you feel that much better about your own.

1. You're Having The Time Of My Life
2. One Summer Last Fall
3. Air Traffic Control
4. Pale New Dawn
5. In The Summer's When You Really Know
6. Empty Picture Frame
7. Little Light
8. Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab And We Think We Know What Your Problem Is
9. Milk and Apples
10. Mid-Day Anonymous
11. *******
12. Orange Rhyming Dictionary
13. All Things Good And Nice

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