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Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Seguridad Social comes from Spain, but its 20-year career trajectory follows a common pattern; starting off with punk and ska in the early '80s, the group moved to a harder rock sound later in the decade. Singer and chief songwriter Jose Manuel Casañ dumped the original lineup in 1991, and the revamped Seguridad Social enjoyed a few years of mass popularity before a quick decline and rejection as being old-fashioned by the new alternative audience in Spain.
This 1991 release is the proof of how well crafted the songs of these lads were and is, with its follower - 1994's Furia Latina - the best they ever put out so, if you want latin rock, don't look elsewhere, this one's a winner.

1. Chiquilla
2. Un Pensamiento
3. Ay Tenochtitlan!
4. Culo De Mal Asiento
5. De Cara Al Mar
6. Solo Tu (Eres Mi Pasion)
7. ¡Que No Se Extinga La Llama!
8. Cabezas Huecas
9. No Verte Mas
10. Reggae Conexion

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