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Monday, February 15, 2010


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Eggstone is a Swedish pop music band, formed in 1986. The three members - Per Sunding (vocals, bass), Patrik Bartosch (guitar) and Maurits Carlsson (drums) - were raised in the small coastal town of Lomma, outside Malmö. In 1991 they formed Tambourine Studios in Malmö with friends Anders Nordgren and producer Tore Johansson.
Their debut album Eggstone In San Diego was released in 1992, followed by Somersault two years later. In early 1997, they released Vive La Différence!, their third full-length album, on their own (and now defunct) Vibrafon label. In 1998 and a second compilation appeared in 1999 under the Tricatel label, titled Ca Chauffe en Suède!.
Their sound blends of sunny '60s guitar-pop, sweet melodies, stylish plastic soul and swinging cocktail music set the pace for many of their fellow countrymen, and the music can still sound quite alluring. Occasonally, the trio gets a little precious and their voices a little thin, but at their best, Eggstone creates layered, retro lounge-pop that is cheery, bright and infectious.

1. Waiting for the Bell
2. Still All Stands Still
3. Against the Sun
4. If You Say
5. Summer and Looking for a Job
6. See the Good Things
7. Good Morning
8. She's Perfect
9. Marabous
10. Wrong Heaven
11. Beach Boy
12. Shooting Time
13. Penguin
14. Sun King
15. The Dog
16. Birds in Cages
17. Brass
18. Taramasalata
19. Mizu

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