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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


320 KBPS

Eric Woolfson sang lead on the softest, smoothest hits Alan Parsons Project had — the run in the early '80s that included "Eye in the Sky" and "Don't Answer Me." Woolfson parted with Parsons after the musical Freudiana in 1990, and while the Project never recorded another album, there was still some unfinished business left for the singer to tidy up with 2008's Sings the Alan Parsons Project That Never Was. When Sony/Legacy was preparing deluxe reissues of APP albums, they contacted Woolfson to see if there were any unreleased tracks or songs in the vaults. The singer/songwriter dug up some cuts for the expanded CDs but also found a batch of unfinished songs that he decided to complete for this album, rounding out the record with some songs that he would have submitted to Parsons if they had indeed recorded more albums. It's not too shocking to find Woolfson following the silken road he paved with those soft rock hits: this is APP as if Woolfson were in charge, emphasizing melody over concept, far over concept, which is by no means a bad thing, as this is sweet, silken, soft rock, the kind of which that has been unheard since Woolfson sung on those APP hits in the early '80s.

1. Golden Key
2. Nothing Can Change My Mind
3. Rumour Goin' Round
4. Any Other Day
5. I Can See Round Corners
6. Steal Your Heart Away
7. Along the Road Together
8. Somewhere in the Audience
9. Train to Wuxi
10. Immortal

1 comment:

akashaman said...

wow , this will be kewl ! always loved his voice . we recently lost eric , RIP bro !