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Friday, February 26, 2010


320 KBPS

Intimate, dark, filled with hopes and anguish, the first album from Tue-Loup works damn fine. The 5 first songs are the perfect example of the band early works allying power (Morphlée), indolence (Putain d'été), playing with the listener. Whatsmore, this band knows how to make his indie rock groove (Venez voir le décor) and with a production that is both warm and organic, they crafted one of the best debut albums France has even seen in their category.
Of course, it's not all perfect and the second part of the album hardly rivals with the perfect opening five, still, there was quite a handful of promises in Tue-Loup's first long play. Promises that will soon proven to be fruitful in the band's following works.
If you like indie rock and want a different voice than that usually displayed by English and American bands, this is a must hear.

1. Les Vanneaux
2. En rasant les murs
3. Morphlée
4. Putain d'été
5. Venez voir le décor
6. Kaj Maj
7. Le noeud
8. La bougie
9. Mon amant de Saint Jean
10. Veltra
11. Quittons la France

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