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Monday, February 8, 2010


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This one takes us back in a time when haircuts were ridiculous, synthesizers were kings and Duran Duran were international pop stars. Yes, this surely are years no one wants to live again and certainly not Tori Amos who repudiated this very album on the count that her fans didn't want that sort of thing.
And maybe they don't but I still think Tori has it all wrong. Actually, "Y Kant Tori Read" is not a bad album at all. It sure is a product of its time but the compositions are pretty good and remind me of Kate Bush's pop side and Canadian singer Lisa Dalbello, there are worst references, I think we'll all agree on that.
So, here it is, the sole album by 80s band Y Kant Tori Read with Tori Amos doing her think not too differently from what she did after and still does nowadays. And now, it's up for you to decide if Tori is right to deny this album a re-release. I think she's not but I might be wrong.

1. Big Picture
2. Cool on Your Island
3. Fayth
4. Fire on the Side
5. Pirates
6. Floating City
7. Heart Attack at 23
8. On the Boundary
9. You Go to My Head
10. Etienne Trilogy
The Highlands
Skyeboat Song

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Anonymous said...

I like your comments on the 80's ... and also the recent one on the topic of patriotism/nationalism... ;_), cheers, Look@s