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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


320 KBPS

With this album title and cover you can guess that this album is something about environmental issue to save the planet and make the world green. That's actually that make people like the albums of The Alan Parsons Project which typically thematic with rhythmic music plus nice melody in pop rock setting. Yes, the lyrics are about the fear of end of humanity as a result of pollution of the nature. It's scary isn't it if the world turns into an ammonia avenue? That's the key message that Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson tried to convey.
The album starts off with radio hit (at least it was popular at my home country) "Prime Time" in relatively upbeat style with good vocal line. "Let Me Go Home" is a rocker with electric guitar work and pop-rock beats. "One Good Reason" contains computerized music especially on drums and some effects. "Since The Last Goodbye" sounds like a ballad with acoustic guitar work and mellow vocal line in good melody. "Don't Answer Me" was another pop hit. "Dancing On A Highwire" has a good acoustic guitar work that brings the music into a more upbeat music with tight bass lines, typical of The Alan Parsons Project. "You Don't Believe" is another electronic outfit with some music was composed with computer program.
"Pipeline" is a very nice instrumental with good guitar and keyboard work, performed in spacey nuance with solid beats. Keyboard effects overlay the music nicely. Saxophone enters the solo and leads the music. The concluding track "Ammonia Avenue" is my all-time favorite Alan Parsons Track. It starts with melodic piano touch followed with acoustic guitar work that brings the vocal to enter the music. Oh it's one of the best songs that The Project has ever had. "And who are we to criticize?" is a memorable and catchy lyrics in one of the segments. The song flows in coherent way and it's very natural; so any one who listens to this song would love it very much. The song is also enriched with excellent orchestration. The acoustic guitar solo in the middle of track augmented with orchestra is the best part of this song. Excellent!
It's not the band's best album but it's a good one to have.

1. Prime Time
2. Let Me Go Home
3. One Good Reason
4. Since The Last Goodbye
5. Don't Answer Me
6. Dancing On A High Wire
7. You Don't Believe
8. Pipeline
9. Ammonia Avenue
Bonus Tracks
10. Don't Answer Me (Early Rough Mix)
11. You Don't Believe (Demo)
12. Since The Last Goodbye (Chris Rainbow Vocal Overdubs)
13. Since The Last Goodbye (Eric Guide Vocal - Rough Mix)
14. You Don't Believe (Instrumental Tribute To The Shadows)
15. Dancing On A Highwire / Spotlight (Work In Progress)
16. Ammonia Ave (Eric Demo Vocal - Rough Mix)
17. Ammonia Ave (Orchestral Overdub)

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