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Monday, February 22, 2010


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Third album of their career named Test of wills from 1997 is a step forward in Magellan's musical adventure, this time the album must be considered a real test for them if for the public aswell. This time Magellan has lefting aside the symphonic/neo elements of previous two albums and concentreted more on heavy prog even in places prog metal at it's best are added. To me this is third as best after Impending ascension and Impossible figures, delivering some outstanding moments tipycal for Magellan sound but a little diffrent aswell. Again the influences are Yes and Kansas but this time are added more like Jethro Tull and even Rush. As on previous album s the epics, the longer tracks are the best same is the case here, the title track Test of wills must be considered a real prog metal piece with solid musicianship and crafty moments. The rest of the pieces are aswell great like, A social marginal again heavy prog with prog metal lening but same the symphonic elements are not forgotten but puted diffrent and melted very well with the rest, here is some realy awesome crunchy guitar riffs and excellent druming, the drum solo of the beggining of the piece is great. Some Jethro Tull elements are here like on Walk Fast, Look Worried , the beggining is almost the same with Dun Ringill from Stormwatch, same folky acustic atmosphere and on last track Critic's carnival with some flute who innterludes very well with the rst of the instruments, realy like the master Anderson, quite intristing and well executed. So a pleasent album for me, among their best in my opinion, even is more metalized as previous and next efforts Test of wills is a album to have if you like Magellan, the symphonic arrangements are in less quantity but they are and are melted very well with the overall sound of the band.

1. Gameface
2. A Social Marginal
3. Walk Fast, Look Worried
4. Test Of Wills
5. Bully Pulpit (Part 1)
6. Jacko
7. Crucible
8. Preaching The Converted
9. Critics Carnival

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