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Thursday, February 11, 2010


320 KBPS

Snapcase never got the recognizition they deserved. This album brings the pain it is so amazing the riffs that they spew out in each of thier songs. I actually like thier message too, something that a lot of people find unorginal. But think about it, how many bands actually tell you to think for yourself? How many bands tell you that you are your own hero, that you are your leader? So many bands preach that they are correct, that everyone else should eat their crap they are correct. So many bands take thier word for gospel, but then there is Snapcase. I learned so much from these guys (and I always am apprehensive about the things bands say). They have a great message, an almost perfect message. So while many bands claim to carry profound messages, Snapcase go on and speak thier minds. No preaching, all they do is ask "are you who you think you are?" An amazing record.

1. Target
2. Disconnector
3. Bleeding Orange
4. Typecast Modulator
5. Are You Tuned In?
6. 20th Nervous Breakdown
7. Energy Dome
8. Ambition Now
9. Break The Static
10. Blemish
11. Box Seat

1 comment:

Detectief Van Zwam said...

Snapcase is indeed a great band, I saw them live a couple of times and had the oppurtunity to talk to the band. Nice guys as well. They do make you think about your thoughts!
Great post!